May 3, 2022
Last month I was approved to run the fanlisting for one of my favorite TV shows and I finally got the website up and running. I'm hoping to add more codes in the near future. In the meantime, if you love Doctor Who, consider joining the fanlisting.


 December 16, 2021
All files have been moved over to the new host and everthing should be up and working again. Unfortunately, I had to move a couple of fanlistings around because my new webhosting plan only allows me to create 30 subdomains.

» Amusement Parks/Theme Parks fanlisting is now located at http://fan.i-heart-you.net/themeparks
» Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) fanlisting is now located at http://tv.i-heart-you.net/aryastark
» C-3PO (Star Wars) fanlisting is now located at http://fan.i-heart-you.net/threepio
» Crowley (Supernatural) fanlisting is now located at http://tv.i-heart-you.net/crowley
» Ralph Fiennes fanlisting is now located at http://movies.i-heart-you.net/ralphfiennes
» Spirited Away fanlisting is now located at http://movies.i-heart-you.net/spiritedaway


 November 18, 2021
My webhost, OfBlue, is shutting down next month, so I'm moving everything over to NameCheap. It might take a couple of weeks to have all my fanlistings (owned, joined, etc.) up again.


 June 15, 2021
I was approved for another wishlister. If you enjoy gaming on either PC or console (or both), please join the Playing Computer/Video Games fanlisting!


 March 20, 2021
Opened the Umbreon fanlisting. If you're a fan of this Pokémon, please consider joining the fanlisting.


 March 8, 2021
Closed The Libertines fanlisting. I've also added a new contact form.


 May 20, 2020
I'm having issues with the contact form (spam, not receiving forms, and my replies bouncing back), so I'm temporarly removing it. Please contact me directly at the email address that is listed on the contact page.


 April 17, 2020
Closed the Shopping fanlisting.


 October 23, 2019
Adopted out the Tony Stark 'Iron Man' fanlisting to Ainna. Please update your links to https://tony.northstar.nu.


 October 10, 2019
Adopted out the Nail Polish fanlisting to Emily. Please update your links to https://fans.thislove.nu/nailpolish.


 October 2, 2019
Closed several fanlistings: Chocolate Milkshakes, Disneyland Paris, Kinder Surprise, Lucifer (Supernatural), Pete Doherty, Son Goten (Dragon Ball), and Zombie-Loan.


 October 1, 2019
Opened the Hot Chocolate fanlisting. If you love this delicious hot drink, please consider joining the fanlisting.


 September 30, 2019
Moved everything under i-heart-you.net over to a new host, OfBlue.